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FLB What's In An Assembly Packet

Assembly Packet Contents
How to Build Your Own FLB

Our Family Literacy Bag assembly packets include the items you need to assemble your own bags. Included in each packet are the following items:

  • Family Literacy Bag follow-up activity theme guides (a complete listing of all themes is located just below).
  • Listing of children's books (including author, title & ISBN) used in the Bags.
  • Listing of supplies needed for follow-up activities.
  • Informational sheet pertaining to family literacy (available in both English and Spanish).
  • Sample parent cover letters (available in both English and Spanish) to include when sending Bags home to families.Sample parent evaluation form (available in both English and Spanish). Not included are the actual bags, childrens' books, and follow-up activity materials (such as crayons, buttons, etc.). These are items which you will need to obtain.

Below is a listing of all of themes that are found in each packet:

English Family Literacy Bag Themes

Bilingual (English & Spanish) Family Literacy Bag Themes