Submitting an Articles

Articles may be submitted for possible publication in TOP: Tips on Parenting, which is a peer reviewed publication. Essays should be typewritten and not exceed 1200 words (approximately four pages). They should be written in language appropriate for parents. Ideas should be paraphrased such that formal referencing is unnecessary and in-text referencing to scholars should be minimal. Essays submitted for consideration for publication will be peer reviewed and judged on two main criteria: (a) Quality/accuracy of information, and (b) Relevance for parents of children from birth to age 8. The review process takes 6-8 weeks.

Essays submitted for consideration for publication must not be under review or in publication anywhere else. Submissions will be accepted on an ongoing basis. Interested authors should submit three copies (2 of which should be blind copies for reviewers) to our new TOP editor:

Heidi Malloy, Editor 
TOP: Tips on Parenting 
Metropolitan State University
700 East 7th Street
St Paul, MN 55106-5000

Reviewers for TOP are: Jim Barta of Utah State University, Deborah Byrnes of Utah State University, Barbara DeBoer of Utah State University, Martha Dever of Utah State University, Billie Enz of Arizona State University, Reneé Falconer of University of Southern Mississippi, Tom Lee of Utah State University, and D. Ray Reutzel of Utah State University.

Suggested topics include:

 Early literacy learning
 Teaching tolerance
 Reading with your child
 Social/emotional development
 Language development
• Conflict resolution
 Selecting quality child care
 Age-appropriate discipline
 The value of play
 Dealing with the difficult child
• Helping children deal with divorce
 Physical development
 Promoting children's good health
 Parent involvement in schools
 Toilet learning
 Dealing with bedtime