If you know a learner who could benefit from a service that applies one-on-one diagnostic and intervention approaches to assist reading and writing, you are in the right place.  Since its inception in Fall 2013, hundreds of hours of tutoring services have been provided for local school children.


  • Tutoring for students who are above, at, or below grade level readers
  • The literacy strengths and needs of each child determined through diagnostic testing (also available as a separate service)
  • A targeted intervention plan is developed for each child
  • Emphasis is on developmental instruction and positive learning experiences


  • 30-minute tutoring sessions held twice weekly
  • Approximately 20 tutoring sessions per semester
  • Fall tutoring sessions begin in September; Spring tutoring sessions begin in February


  • Fee for services charged on a sliding income scale and determined on an individual basis
  • A payment schedule can be arranged for the semester
  • Scholarships available based on financial need