Language and Literacy Clinic

The Language and Literacy Clinic in the Emma Eccles Jones Early Childhood Education and Research Center

The Language and Literacy Clinic in the Emma Eccles Jones Early Childhood Education and Research Center at Utah State University was newly constructed in 2010 to provide Tier 2 literacy and language services to children ages 5-12 in after school tutoring programs, summer literacy camp experiences, and in partnership with the Edith Bowen Laboratory School. The Language and Literacy Clinic serves also as a clinical training facility for undergraduate students in elementary education teacher education and in speech language pathology. At the graduate level, the Language and Literacy Clinic is designed to provide summer literacy camp clinical training experiences for masters degree students training to become reading specialists or literacy coaches. 

The L&L Clinic at USU boasts state of the art facilities and equipment for diagnosing and intervening with young children experiencing difficulties learning to read, write, and speak in Grades K-6. Teachers who train in theL&L learn how to give a testing battery that screens for gross sensory problems, specific literacy and language problems, and how to write up case studies and provide Tier 2 supplementary literacy and language instruction to struggling, typically developing, elementary aged students.

Equipment available include tele-binocular vision screenings, audiometer hearing screenings, and a battery of literacy tests that include screenings for letter name and sound knowledge, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. In addition, supplementary screenings that investigate student motivation, strategy use, and attitudes is also available.  The L&L also boasts infra-red eye-movement photography screenings to check for inefficient or uncontrolled eye movement when processing printed materials. The L&L also has recently acquired the capacity to examine study neural or brain activity while reading or writing through use of a Neural Infrared Spectroscopy Optical Scanner which produces findings much like an MRI or fMRI.

The Language & Literacy Clinic also serves as a research center for studying problems students encounter in learning to read, write, and speak as well as studying more basic questions related to memory, attention, and perception.  State of the art research in this field is just beginning with the addition of this newly acquired research equipment.

Finally, the Language& Literacy Clinic at USU boasts state of the art small group instruction “behind the glass” intervention rooms complete with one-way glass for observation and coaching of teachers and students receiving or providing literacy or language interventions.  Each of seven such rooms is complete with pan tilt video and audio recording capability for purposes of monitoring interventions, as well as observing teacher and student activity.  A computer-controlled observation panel allows supervisors to easily switch among the seven intervention room camera to “drop in” on the instruction offered and provide feedback to students and teachers.

Students who are admitted for services must have parental consent as well as providing model releases for student data and images to be used for purposes of research and training. Student services, assessment and interventions, are provided for minimal fees. Basic Assessment Battery in literacy is offered at a cost of $55.00. Intervention services are provided on sliding fee scaled based upon income. We encourage you to come and visit the Resource Library in the Language and Literacy Clinic on the Second Floor of the Emma Eccles Jones Early Childhood Education and Research Building on the USU campus. This resource center houses books for children, books for teachers, and materials for parent interested in studying and learning more about language and literacy in early childhood. Please come visit us any time from 9AM to 5PM M-F, September through April. Call ahead in summers for summer hours and dates.