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Family Literacy Bags

The Family Literacy Bags (FLB) have been developed to enhance home-school connections and to encourage parents to read with their children. Theme guides are available in English and Spanish for teachers to purchase, with which you can assemble your own bags for use in your own classrooms and schools.

Each guide features suggested questions and follow-up activities for each book in the bag along with lists of the supplies needed to complete different activities. We have enjoyed very positive feedback from both teachers and parents using the FLBs in our area local schools, and are confident that other teachers can enjoy the same success.

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Did you know...

  • Literacy development begins long before children enter school
  • Many parents are unsure of how to support their child's literacy development
  • Reading story books at home with young children is one of the most important activities for developing the knowledge required for success in reading
  • Infrequent or limited reading of story books in the home is associated with low levels of literacy achievement
  • High frequency of home story book reading is related to readiness to benefit from formal literacy instruction and increased motivation to interact with books and to learn to read
  • When parents read with their children they:
    • expose them to the sounds and rhythm of language
    • acquaint them with the ways language is used in books
    • introduce them to the conventions governing reading and print
    • send a positive message to children about the value placed on literacy
    • foster children's vocabulary growth
  • Parents are often unaware of the many high quality books available for young children or how to most effectively use them
  • Making Literacy Bags available to parents is a simple way to reach most families and to assist them in supporting their child's literacy development
  • Literacy Bags:
    • empower parents to teach their own children
    • make it easier for busy parents to become involved in their child's learning
    • can help parents understand the importance of reading and of interacting with their children